I’ve been interested in static blogs/websites for quite some time now. I’ve done a TON of work with the Zurb Stack and Foundation 6 in which they use something called Panini which is a flat file compiler. By their own admission Panini is not a full-fleged static site generator but it did interest me enough to push me down the rabbit hole.

The tipping point for me was a lecture I watched at the Smashing Conference in NYC by Phil Hawksworth. His lecture was all the encouragement I needed to start investigating the territory of static sites.

I spent some time courting Middleman and really did like what I saw, but I decided to at least start with Jekyll which seems to be the Wordpress of the static website world. Additionally, I wanted my first static site to be a blog and Jekyll seems to be suited more towards blogging whereas Middleman seems more suited to full blown websites as it requires you to install an add-on for the blogging functionality.